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Maui-G Akamai G-1 Frameless Paddle - 13mm
Akamai G-1 Frameless Paddle - 13mm $169.95

Akamai G-1 Frameless Paddle - 13mm

In stock

One of the best "feeling" frameless paddles on the market! 

The design of the Maui-G Akamai G-1 paddle creates a sensation that feels more like an extension of your own hand rather than just a paddle to hit a ball with.

Not only will your short game go through the roof with amazing feel and control, but the Akamai paddle's swing weight and frameless design will allow it to fly through the air for power when you need it.

SO easy to maneuver quickly up at the no volley zone line that you'll have the lightning-fast hands of a pickleball Jedi master!  And with a generous 5.5" handle, you can easily place a 2nd hand on the paddle with ease when you choose.

The T700 carbon face has a unique textured outer layer that paves the way for SICK spin and slice!

The meaning for "Akamai" in Hawaiian is "expert".  You'll definitely feel like one with the Akamai G-1 paddle in your hand.

And with a special Polynesian design that contains the Maui-G symbol for community and re-generation, you'll have the spirit of Maui literally in your hands..........

Length : 16.5"
Width:   7.3"
Handle length:  5.5"
Handle circumference:  4.2"
Thickness :13mm
Weight:   8oz (230+/-5g)

Surface material:  T700 carbon
Surface technology: Textured coating
Core:   PP honeycomb

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